when all else fails

i reside where the potatoes are harvested
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*fills a coconut with shower gel*


that looks like aloe 

tumblr is the only place i can post whatever the fuck i want including

the sex i’m not having

the drugs i’m not doing

the shit i’m not talking

etc etc

click on it

"I know what people want, and I can sense this so well, but sometimes, I just don’t care, so screw your needs."


- Pisces (zodiacsociety)


I took a photo every 2 minutes over the span of about 2 hours at a 20 second exposure and animated it all together! This 2 second loop was the result! 
Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho


holy fuck you can actually see how the earth turns by paying attention to the stars

this fucks me the fuck up